Data.argmax(axis=None, unravel=False)[source]

Return the indices of the maximum values along an axis.

If no axis is specified then the returned index locates the maximum of the whole data.

axis: int, optional

The specified axis over which to locate te maximum values. By default the maximum over the whole data is located.

unravel: bool, optional

If True, then when locating the maximum over the whole data, return the location as a tuple of indices for each axis. By default an index to the flattened array is returned in this case.

int, Data or tuple

The location of the maximum, or maxima.


>>> d = cf.Data(numpy.arange(120).reshape(4, 5, 6))
>>> d.argmax()
>>> d.argmax(unravel=True)
(3, 4, 5)
>>> d.argmax(axis=1)
<CF Data(4, 6): [[4, ..., 4]]>