Return the selection of properties to be written as netCDF global attributes.

When multiple field constructs are being written to the same file, it is only possible to create a netCDF global attribute from a property that has identical values for each field construct. If any field construct’s property has a different value then the property will not be written as a netCDF global attribute, even if it has been selected as such, but will appear instead as attributes on the netCDF data variables corresponding to each field construct.

The standard description-of-file-contents properties are always written as netCDF global attributes, if possible, so selecting them is optional.

New in version 1.7.0.


The selection of properties requested for writting to netCDF global attributes.


>>> f.nc_global_attributes()
{'Conventions': None, 'comment': None}
>>> f.nc_set_global_attribute('foo')
>>> f.nc_global_attributes()
{'Conventions': None, 'comment': None, 'foo': None}
>>> f.nc_set_global_attribute('comment', 'global comment')
>>> f.nc_global_attributes()
{'Conventions': None, 'comment': 'global_comment', 'foo': None}
>>> f.nc_clear_global_attributes()
{'Conventions': None, 'comment': 'global_comment', 'foo': None}
>>> f.nc_global_attributes()