classmethod Data.empty(shape, dtype=None, units=None, calendar=None, fill_value=None, chunk=True)[source]

Create a new data array without initializing the elements.

Note that the mask of the returned empty data is hard.

See also

full, hardmask, ones, zeros

shape: int or tuple of int

The shape of the new array.

dtype: numpy.dtype or any object convertible to numpy.dtype

The data-type of the new array. By default the data-type is float.

units: str or Units

The units for the new data array.

calendar: str, optional

The calendar for reference time units.

fill_value: optional

The fill value of the data. By default, or if set to None, the numpy fill value appropriate to the array’s data-type will be used (see Ignored if the source parameter is set.

The fill value may also be set after initialisation with the set_fill_value method.

Parameter example:





>>> d = cf.Data.empty((96, 73))