Constructs.__call__(*identities, **filter_kwargs)[source]

Select metadata constructs by identity.

Calling a Constructs instance selects metadata constructs by identity and is an alias for the filter_by_identity method. For example, to select constructs that have an identity of ‘air_temperature’: d = c('air_temperature').

Note that c(*identities, **filter_kwargs) is equivalent to c.filter(filter_by_identity=identities, **filter_kwargs).

New in version (cfdm): 1.7.0

identities: optional

Select constructs that have an identity, defined by their identities methods, that matches any of the given values.

A value may be any object that can match via the == operator, or a re.Pattern object that matches via its search method.

Note that in the output of a dump method or print call, a construct is always described by an identity that will select it.

filter_kwargs: optional

Keyword arguments as accepted by Constructs.filter that define additional construct selection criteria. Also to configure the returned value.

New in version (cfdm):


The selected constructs and their construct keys.


See filter_by_identity and filter for examples.