Returns method names excluded in the class substitutions.

Exclusions for a class may be defined by creating a __docstring_method_exclusions__ method that returns the sequence of names of methods to be excluded. These exclusions will also apply to any child classes.

Exclusions may be defined for any reason, but in particular may be required if a method has a non-rewritable docstring. An example of method that has a non-rewritable docstring is when the method is a ‘method_descriptor’ object, such as list.append: any class that inherits such such a method will need to exclude it, unless it is explicitly overridden in the child class.

New in version (cfdm):

See also

_docstring_special_substitutions, _docstring_substitutions, _docstring_package_depth, __docstring_substitutions__, __docstring_package_depth__, __docstring_method_exclusions__

cls: class

The class.


The names of the methods to exclude from the docstring substitution process.