Field.nc_set_component_variable_groups(component, groups)[source]

Set the netCDF variable groups of components.

Sets the netCDF variable groups for all components of a given type.

Some components exist within multiple constructs, but when written to a netCDF dataset the netCDF names associated with such components will be arbitrarily taken from one of them. The netCDF names can be set on all such occurrences individually, or preferably by using this method to ensure consistency across all such components.

New in version (cfdm):

component: str

Specify the component type. One of:




Interior ring variables for geometry coordinates


Node count variables for geometry coordinates


Part node count variables for geometry coordinates


Count variables for contiguous ragged arrays


Index variables for indexed ragged arrays


List variables for compression by gathering

groups: sequence of str

The new group structure for each component.




>>> f.nc_set_component_variable_groups('interior_ring', ['forecast'])