Return the open files containing sub-arrays of master data arrays.

Deprecated at version 3.14.0 and is no longer available.

By default all such files are returned, but the selection may be restricted to files of a particular format.

file_format: str, optional

Only return files of the given format. Recognised formats are 'netCDF' and 'PP'. By default all files are returned.


If file_format is set then return a dictionary of file names of the specified format and their open file objects. If file_format is not set then return a dictionary for which each key is a file format whose value is the dictionary that would have been returned if the file_format parameter was set.


>>> cf.open_files()
{'netCDF': {'': <netCDF4.Dataset at 0x187b6d0>}}
>>> cf.open_files('netCDF')
{'': <netCDF4.Dataset at 0x187b6d0>}
>>> cf.open_files('PP')