classmethod Data.asdata(d, dtype=None, copy=False)[source]

Convert the input to a Data object.

If the input d has the Data interface (i.e. it has a __data__ method), then the output of this method is used as the returned Data object. Otherwise, Data(d) is returned.

d: data-like

Input data in any form that can be converted to a Data object. This includes Data and Field objects, and objects with the Data interface, numpy arrays and any object which may be converted to a numpy array.

dtype: data-type, optional

By default, the data-type is inferred from the input data.

copy: bool, optional

If True and d has the Data interface, then a copy of d.__data__() is returned.


Data interpretation of d. No copy is performed on the input if it is already a Data object with matching dtype and copy is False.


>>> d = cf.Data([1, 2])
>>> cf.Data.asdata(d) is d
>>> d.asdata(d) is d
>>> cf.Data.asdata([1, 2])
<CF Data: [1, 2]>
>>> cf.Data.asdata(numpy.array([1, 2]))
<CF Data: [1, 2]>