Set dimensions to be cyclic.

A dimension is set to be cyclic if it has a unique longitude (or grid longitude) dimension coordinate construct with bounds and the first and last bounds values differ by 360 degrees (or an equivalent amount in other units).

New in version 1.0.

See also

cyclic, iscyclic, period

verbose: int or str or None, optional

If an integer from -1 to 3, or an equivalent string equal ignoring case to one of:

  • 'DISABLE' (0)

  • 'WARNING' (1)

  • 'INFO' (2)

  • 'DETAIL' (3)

  • 'DEBUG' (-1)

set for the duration of the method call only as the minimum cut-off for the verboseness level of displayed output (log) messages, regardless of the globally-configured cf.log_level. Note that increasing numerical value corresponds to increasing verbosity, with the exception of -1 as a special case of maximal and extreme verbosity.

Otherwise, if None (the default value), output messages will be shown according to the value of the cf.log_level setting.

Overall, the higher a non-negative integer or equivalent string that is set (up to a maximum of 3/'DETAIL') for increasing verbosity, the more description that is printed to convey information about the operation.

config: dict

Additional parameters for optimising the operation. See the code for details.

New in version 3.9.0.