Field.match_by_construct(*identities, OR=False, **conditions)[source]

Whether or not there are particular metadata constructs.


The API changed at version 3.1.0

New in version 3.0.0.

identities: optional

Select the unique construct returned by f.construct(*identities). See construct for details.

conditions: optional

Identify the metadata constructs that have any of the given identities or construct keys, and whose data satisfy conditions.

A construct identity or construct key (as defined by the identities parameter) is given as a keyword name and a condition on its data is given as the keyword value.

The condition is satisfied if any of its data values equals the value provided.

Parameter example:


Parameter example:


Parameter example:

Parameter example:, air_pressure=500

Parameter example:

**{'latitude':, 'long_name=soil_level': 4}

OR: bool, optional

If True then return True if at least one metadata construct matches at least one of the criteria given by the identities or conditions arguments. By default True is only returned if the field constructs matches each of the given criteria.

mode: deprecated at version 3.1.0

Use the OR parameter instead.

constructs: deprecated at version 3.1.0


Whether or not the field construct contains the specified metadata constructs.