Field.nc_set_group_attributes(properties, copy=True)[source]

Set properties to be written as netCDF group attributes.

New in version (cfdm): 1.8.6

properties: dict

Set the properties be written as a netCDF group attribute from the dictionary supplied. The value of a netCDF group attribute, which will be created (if possible) in addition to the property as written to a netCDF data variable. If a value of None is used then this acts as an instruction to write the property (if possible) to a netCDF group attribute instead of to a netCDF data variable.

Parameter example:

properties={'Conventions': None, 'project': 'research'}

copy: bool, optional

If False then any property values provided by the properties parameter are not copied before insertion. By default they are deep copied.




>>> f.nc_group_attributes()
{'comment': None}
>>> f.nc_set_group_attribute('foo')
>>> f.nc_group_attributes()
{'comment': None, 'foo': None}
>>> f.nc_set_group_attribute('foo', 'bar')
>>> f.nc_group_attributes()
{'comment': None, 'foo': 'bar'}
>>> f.nc_group_attributes(values=True)
{'comment': 'forecast comment', 'foo': 'bar'}
>>> f.nc_clear_group_attributes()
{'comment': None, 'foo': 'bar'}
>>> f.nc_group_attributes()