Field.roll(axis, shift, inplace=False, i=False, **kwargs)[source]

Roll the field along a cyclic axis.

A unique axis is selected with the axes and kwargs parameters.

New in version 1.0.


The cyclic axis to be rolled, defined by that which would be selected by passing the given axis description to a call of the field construct’s domain_axis method. For example, for a value of 'X', the domain axis construct returned by f.domain_axis('X') is selected.

shift: int

The number of places by which the selected cyclic axis is to be rolled.

inplace: bool, optional

If True then do the operation in-place and return None.

i: deprecated at version 3.0.0

Use the inplace parameter instead.

kwargs: deprecated at version 3.0.0


The rolled field.


Roll the data of the “X” axis one elements to the right:

>>> f.roll('X', 1)

Roll the data of the “X” axis three elements to the left:

>>> f.roll('X', -3)