Field.transpose(axes=None, constructs=False, inplace=False, items=True, i=False, **kwargs)[source]

Permute the axes of the data array.

By default the order of the axes is reversed, but any ordering may be specified by selecting the axes of the output in the required order.

By default metadata constructs are not transposed, but they may be if the constructs parameter is set.

axes: (sequence of) str or int, optional

Select the domain axis order, defined by the domain axes that would be selected by passing each given axis description to a call of the field construct’s domain_axis method. For example, for a value of 'X', the domain axis construct returned by f.domain_axis('X') is selected.

Each dimension of the field construct’s data must be provided, or if no axes are specified then the axis order is reversed.

constructs: bool, optional

If True then metadata constructs are also transposed so that their axes are in the same relative order as in the transposed data array of the field. By default metadata constructs are not altered.

inplace: bool, optional

If True then do the operation in-place and return None.

items: deprecated at version 3.0.0

Use the constructs parameter instead.

i: deprecated at version 3.0.0

Use the inplace parameter instead.

kwargs: deprecated at version 3.0.0

Field or None

The field construct with transposed data, or None if the operation was in-place.


>>> f.ndim
>>> g = f.transpose()
>>> g = f.transpose(['time', 1, 'dim2'])
>>> f.transpose(['time', -2, 'dim2'], inplace=True)